Aida Imaging Reinforces Singapore Distribution

Aida Imaging Reinforces Singapore Distribution Through Loud Technologies Asia

Adding to Loud Technologies Asia's portfolio of video production equipment is Aida Imaging. The manufacturer's popular full HD and UHD POV cameras are offered in both baseband and NDI versions with IP67 models.

The Aida camera product portfolio fits nicely among our range of baseband PTZ and block cameras, video capture and NDI encoder/decoder offerings. The POV range is expected to be especially popular with esports production customers

LTAPL have invested in a number of demonstration and support loan units to serve customers' needs. 

"These popular affordable cameras lower the entry barrier for houses of worship, esports and other users who have requirements for high-quality interchangeable lens POV cameras. We have many customers who are very happy with the value of these cameras of Korean manufacture," quips Sales Manager Koay Kheng Ying.