Wireless Microphone bandwidth shrinking in Singapore

Wireless Microphone bandwidth shrinking in Singapore *Updated*

Did you know? Wireless microphone systems in the range of 703-748 MHz/758-803 MHz is now unusable in Singapore due to frequency allocation for 5G mobile services. This affects most of the older models of wireless microphones sold before 2018.

"IMDA has made available spectrum in the 700 MHz Frequency Division Duplex (FDD), 900 MHz (FDD), 1800 MHz (FDD), 2100 MHz (FDD), 2.3 GHz Time Division Duplex (TDD), 2.5 GHz (FDD) and 2.5 GHz (TDD) frequency bands for the provision of public mobile services - Jul 9, 2017"

Since many have asked, IMDA's licensing guidelines stipulate that all wireless microphones conform to certain technical limitations to qualify for licensing and use in Singapore. Wireless Microphone systems are classified under IMDA TS SRD. At the time this article is published, the allocated frequency range allowed for licensed wireless microphone systems is 470.00 – 806.00 MHz and limited to ≤ 10 mW ERP of power

Now, the 703-Mhz - 803 Mhz range has been allocated to various telco operators to provide 5G mobile services hence this range is unavailable to wireless microphone operation. So, using wireless equipment not approved for legal use is rendered illegal. Be sure to exercise due diligence to check and purchase wisely to avoid buying systems in the affected range.

For peace of mind, only buy from IMDA Licensed Dealers who possess a "Telecoms Dealer's Licence (Individual)" certificate.

To help with choosing wireless systems, we have compiled the useable frequency bands of Shure and Sennheiser for your convenience

Unaffected Shure frequency bands

  • H5: 518.000–542.000 MHz
  • J3: 572.000–596.000 MHz
  • L4: 638.000–662.000 MHz

Unaffected Sennheiser frequency bands

  • XS Wireless Range A (548-572 MHz Ch30-Ch33)
  • XS Wireless Range B (614-638 MHz Ch39-Ch41)
  • XS Wireless Range GB (606-630 MHz Ch38-Ch40)
  • EW100/300/500 G3 Range A (516-558 MHz Ch26-Ch31)
  • EW100/300/500 G3 Range B (626-668 MHz Ch40-Ch45)
  • EW100/300/500 G3 Range G (566-608 MHz Ch33-Ch38)
  • EW100/300/500 G3-GB (606-648 MHz Ch38-Ch43)
  • 2000 AW (516-558 MHz Ch26-Ch31)
  • 2000 BW (626-698 MHz Ch40-Ch49)
  • 2000 GW (558-626 MHz Ch32-Ch40)
  • 2000 GBW (606-678 MHz Ch38-Ch46)
  • EM3732 MK II Range L (470-638 MHz Ch21-Ch41)

Unaffected Audio Technica frequency bands

  • "I" Band 487.125 – 506.5MHz
  • "D" Band 655.5 – 680.375MHz
  • "C" Band 541.5 – 566.375 MHz

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