Bose ArenaMatch Asian debut at prestigious school in Singapore

River Valley High School Singapore Sports Complex installed with Bose ArenaMatch

Key facts

  • Project type:
    • Outdoors
    • Installed
    • School/College
  • Location:
    • Boon Lay, Singapore
  • Client:
    • River Valley High School | Ministry of Education
  • Brief:
    • To install a outdoor capable sound system capable of even coverage across the field and minimise spill to the neighboring housing estate

  • Equipment:
      • Bose Professional ArenaMatch IP55 speakers
      • Bose Professional Powermatch PM8500 and PM4500
      • Midas Consoles DM16
  • Year: 2019

Installation at River Valley High School Sports Complex

River Valley High School is an autonomous educational institution that offers the Integrated Programme in Singapore. Founded in 1956, it is one of the Special Assistance Plan high schools designated by the Ministry of Education in recognition of its heritage and excellence in education* *Wikipedia

With many academic and sports achievements under the school's belt, RVHS expected no less out of the equipment installed in its sports complex to enhance learning and activities held there.

Of particular concern was minimising of the spill of sound to the neighbouring housing estate as was the case with the original PA sound system. Being responsible neighbours, the school stipulated that the design of the new sound system take into account high directivity of the speaker system as a criterion in consideration of noise avoidance.

Multiple demos were called from various vendors and the school spared no efforts in ensuring that designs put forth by interested vendors met the criteria.

After exhaustive trials, Loud Technologies Asia's sound system design was chosen as the best fit of all requirements. Installation took place within a week with all parties very pleased with the results.

The Bose Professional ArenaMatch was chosen due to the high directivity that the large waveguides provided and the IP55 rating. Being the newest model launched at the time, the team relied on acoustic simulation through Bose's software to decide on the quantity and angles required before the first units in Asia landed in Singapore.

Satwant S, LTAPL's GM notes: "We always go through the process of acoustic simulation to ascertain suitability of any design, with no guesswork. This is the level of professionalism expected of a competent installer"

Loud Technologies Asia is the Official Live & Performance Sound Dealer for Bose Professional in Singapore and assists its dealers with technical backup to support their bids.


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