Church Of the True Light Advanced Audio Visual IP Upgrade

Church Of the True Light Audio Visual Upgrade with Loud Technologies Asia

Key facts

  • Project type:
    • Installed
    • House of Worship
  • Location:
    • Perak Road, Singapore
  • Client:
    • Church Of the True Light
  • Brief:
    • To design and build a discreet sound reinforcement system and distributed video system over IP network protocol. The system should be easy to use and allow for future expansion easily

  • Equipment:
    • Speaker System

      • K-array Kobra KK102 I Pure Array Linear Column
      • K-array Thunder KMT12P I Subwoofer
      • K-array Kommander KA24 Amplifier

      Mixing Console & Audio Peripherals

      • Midas M32R with Dante card
      • Sennheiser XSW 1-835 Wireless handheld microphone system
      • RF Venue DISTRO4+DFIN RF Distribution system

      Video System

      • Magewell Pro Convert SDI to NDI Tx
      • Magewell Pro Convert NDI to SDI Decoder
      • Blackmagic Micro Converter SDI to HDMI 3G
      • AV Matrix PT1270-30-NDI PTZ Cameras with NDI
      • AV Matrix PKC2000 IP Camera Control Keyboard
      • AV Matrix PVS0613 -Portable 6CH SDI/HDMI Video Switcher

      TCP/IP Network

      • Ubiquiti UniFi Switch PRO 24 PoE
      • Ubiquiti UniFi AC-Lite
      • Ubiquiti UniFi 10G SFP modules
      • Multi-mode OM3 optical fibre
  • Year: 2021

Advanced Audio Visual Upgrade using Dante and NDI protocols over a fibre-backed IP network

The Anglican Church of the True Light had its beginnings in 1911 when Guok Koh Muo, a part-time school master and journalist for a Chinese newspaper started organising gospel meetings with a handful of believers in a friend’s barber shop at Bencoolen Street before moving to Pei Chin School at Queen Street.

The mission moved several times over the years till a permanent home at Jalan Besar was found and the name “Church of the True Light” was first used. The present site of the church was acquired in 1940 but World War II prevented Reverend Guok from raising the necessary funds to build the church. Furthermore, most of the congregation then were poor trishaw riders who could barely afford basic necessities.

The current church, a conserved building, was built in 1952, and included a free clinic and a kindergarten. Reverend Guok, an ordained priest by this time, added biblical principles to the church’s walls and pillars, which were written in elaborate Chinese script.

Today, besides its English and Mandarin services, the church also holds services in Tamil, Malayalam, Sinhalese and Hindi.
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The latest renovation plans to Church of The True Light's main worship hall meant that an opportunity was now present to upgrade the ageing sound reinforcement system and ensure that all audio and video transport systems would be ready for future demands.

Loud Technologies Asia was briefed that the heritage status of the conservation building meant that there would be numerous restrictions pertaining to the mounting of speakers and that the beautiful hand-painted murals on the pillars should not be disturbed. The sound reinforcement system should be discreet and cover the pews evenly and with little difference in the sound level from the first pew to the last pew.

Several consultations were made with the Architect and Elders of the Church, and a design utilising the extremely discreet K-array Kobra KK102 I speakers was decided upon as the most suitable as well as aesthetically pleasing. The resulting demonstration of the system on-site provided all the stakeholder's assurance that the right decision was made.

The 2m long Pure Array speaker systems were mounted to the sides of the hall without the need for any other delay speakers, augmented with 12" KMT12P Thunder subwoofers for low-frequency extension and driven by a 4 channel class "D" 2000w KA24 Amplifier.

The church's worship halls span 3 floors and there was a need to distribute audio and video efficiently throughout the 3 levels with low latency. 

Loud Technologies Asia's engineering team designed and implemented IP audio transport systems with the Audinate Dante Protocol and IP video transport with Newtek NDI® (Network Device Interface) over separate VLANs. A 10G IP network was built spanning the 3 floors through managed Ubiquiti Unifi switches on every floor connected with multimode OM3 optical fibre.

Audio streams through the network via the Dante cards installed within all the mixing consoles. AV Matrix NDI enabled PTZ cameras allows camera feeds to be pulled easily from anywhere on the network without the need for costly and proprietary encoders and decoders since NDI plugins are available on popular streaming software such as OBS or Vmix. What is particularly impressive is that any mobile phone connected to the network with the NDI Camera app installed would be capable of providing a camera feed. Decoders were used to provide video streams to other floors.

A number of 4K displays of various sizes were installed throughout the floors. Video feeds are distributed through SDI, connected to an AV Matrix live streaming video mixer that manages camera and graphics sources.

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