Da Paolo Pizza Bar

Da Paolo Pizza Bar

Key facts

  • Project type:
    • Installed
    • Restaurant/Bar
  • Location:
    • Singapore
  • Client:
    • Da Paolo Group
  • Brief:
    • Provide a discreet yet powerful sound system for the restaurant. F&B Staff are professionals in their own right and busy enough to not have to mess with numerous knobs and buttons. Audica Professional's solutions provide just that. Simple, easy to use and powerful!
  • Equipment:
    • Audica Professional - http://www.audicapro.co.uk
  • Year: 2014

Thin crust, crisp sound

Having served the group's restaurant in Rochester previously, LTAPL were called upon to provide a discreet and easy to operate system following a renovation of their popular Pizza Bar in Holland Village.

LTAPL designed and proposed a Audica Professional sound system using the Micro series speakers split into indoor and outdoor zones

Audica Professional - UK
Microzone - Zone amplifier and pre-amplifier x 2 Nos
Micropoint - Designer speakers with dual 50mm drivers x 16 Nos
Microsub - Active 10" bass extension subwoofers x 2

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