Home Team Academy

Home Team Academy Harmony Hall

Key facts

  • Project type:
    • Auditorium
    • Installed
  • Location:
    • Harmony Hall, Singapore
  • Client:
    • Ministry of Home Affairs
  • Brief:
    • To revamp the theatre lighting system with more fully featured lighting and F.O.H lighting bar to augment the initially installed basic system. The house lighting system was only a simple on-off type and needed to be dimmable as well.

  • Equipment:
    • Theatrelight NZ
      Coef Lighting
      F.A.L Lighting
      Milos Structural Systems
      Chauvet Professional

  • Year: 2010

New Theatre Lighting System

The initial lighting system supplied by the contractors at the building stage was very basic and far from useable for the multitude of events and ceremonies held at the Harmony Hall of the Home Team Academy. 
Thus, a competitive tender was called by the Ministry of Home Affairs to design and implement a new system.

The Home Team Academy is home primarily to the training facilities of Singapore's law enforcement agencies.
The academy incorporates various schools, including Training Command (TRACOM) of the Singapore Police Force. Prison Staff Training School of the Singapore Prison Service. Immigration & Checkpoints Authority Training and Development Branch of the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority.

Work commenced with installation of a new F.O.H suspended truss bar and side wing bars for addition of new lights and augmentation of the existing lighting with new theatre fixtures and moving lights.
A totally new dimming system replaced the existing dimmers
Finally, a new touch screen lighting control system with various presets provided easy recall of pre-programmed lighting scenes required for various functions and events at the hall.

For the second phase, a new dimmer system with 6 channel control console was installed to provide dimming capabilities to the existing house lights

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