Anmon 100 Tents Resort Multi-zone AV System

Anmon 100 Tents Resort AudioVisual

Key facts

  • Project type:
    • Outdoors
    • Hotel
    • Restaurant/Bar
  • Location:
    • Treasure Bay, Bintan Island, Indonesia
  • Client:
    • Treasure Bay, Bintan
  • Brief:
    • To design and integrate audiovisual systems comprising direct weather sound systems, LED videowall with surround sound and localised sound systems for event tents

  • Equipment:
      • Cloud Electronics UK DCM1e
      • Cloud Electronics UK Remote control and input panels
      • One Systems 108.HTH Direct Weather Speakers
      • One Systems 112.HTH Direct Weather Speakers
      • One Systems 118.HSB Direct Weather Subwoofers
      • Powersoft DSP Amplifiers
      • Denon Professional DN700AV Surround Sound Processor
      • Illuminati outdoor LED VIdeowall
  • Year: 2020

Multi-zone sound system and LED cinema videowall keeps guests entertained at glamping resort

The new desert-themed glamping resort, ANMON, is located 5 minutes away from the Bintan-Singapore ferry pier in the Treasure Bay waterfront resort. The property spans 20,000 square meters and is steps from the Crystal Lagoon, the largest man-made seawater lagoon in Asia. ANMON features 100 deluxe teepee-style glamp tents with private bathrooms and enclosed patios. The Instagram-ready resort blends luxury and adventure in earth tone colors and is designed for lounging in the privacy of the tents or in the comfortable social areas.

Source and images: Treasure Bay, The Anmon Resort and IG theanmonresortbintan

Hotel and resort audiovisual specialist Loud Technologies Asia was tasked with the design, supply and installation of direct-weather sound reinforcement systems spanning multiple zones across the resort, event tents and also an outdoor LED cinema video wall.

Having worked with the LTAPL team on previous projects, hotel management group THHG again employed their expertise to provide solutions to the audiovisual needs of a new glamping concept located within the Treasure Bay multi-concept resort.

Being near the sea, the speakers needed to be rugged enough to handle the harsh salt-laden environment and direct exposure to the elements. One Systems speakers were the natural choice due to the rotomolded, UV-resistant and IP56 rating of the speakers.

Control and zoning are implemented through the Cloud Electronics DCM1e. The UK manufacturer's ethernet connected processor allows for remote source input and control via input panels connected to each zone over network cables. An embedded webGUI control can be accessed wirelessly over the wifi network and remote management panels provide wired control at the Tiki Bar, Main reception and Dining Hall.

Each zone is able to play any sound sources available, even from other zones. 

Part of the resort's facilities include a big-screen outdoor cinema and for that, the LTAPL team installed an outdoor LED Videowall and surround sound system.

A very unique feature of the resort is the event space. Twin geodesic dome tents were built to accommodate events and the challenge presented to the AV design team was to keep the sound within the dome localised with minimal leak to the surroundings. For that, ceiling speakers encased within pendant dome kits were installed to keep sound sources even, and speakers hung closer to the audience meant that the volume could be kept low.

Loud Technologies Asia has implemented outdoor sound reinforcement systems across multiple venues in Singapore such as Wavehouse Sentosa, Tanjong Beach Club, the Sentosa Luge, AJ Hackett Bungee, Port of Lost Wonder, and overseas in Malaysia, Indonesia and Malta. Get in touch with us to discuss your next project.

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