Jurong Bird Park Hawk Show

One Systems direct weather speakers for Jurong Bird Park Hawk Show

Key facts

  • Project type:
    • Outdoors
    • Installed
    • Themed Entertainment
  • Location:
    • Jurong Birdpark
  • Client:
    • Prolight & SOund
  • Brief:
    • To provide a long term solution with high performance direct weather speakers

  • Equipment:
    • One Systems USA

  • Year: 2013

One Systems direct weather speakers for Jurong Bird Park Hawk Show

Where other so called "weather-resistant" speakers fail, One Systems USA shines. The manufacturer is known to specialise in making only IP Rated direct weather speakers that will live an perform comfortably in the tropical weather of Asia.

When the not-so-old existing sound system used for the Hawk Show at Jurong Birdpark fell apart, our key dealer Prolight & Sound were called upon to provide a long term solution. LTAPL as exclusive distributors for One Systems in the region provided design and backend support to help them achieve their goals.

Prolight installed a number of the IM series speakers on the existing poles and within the aviary enclosures to provide feedback for the performers.
One Systems speakers are constructed with 16-ply marine plywood, EDP coated metal parts and 316 grade stainless steel front grille and components. All electronics houses within are coated with resin.

One Systems USA
112IM - 12" Two-way Injection molded speakers 800w x 2
108IM - 8" Two-way Injection molded speakers 200w x 2
118SUB-w - 18" Subwoofer 800w x 2

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