KLCC Towers Fountain

One Systems Direct Weather Speaker Systems

Key facts

  • Project type:
    • Outdoors
    • Installed
    • Themed Entertainment
  • Location:
    • KL, Malaysia
  • Client:
    • KLCC
  • Brief:
    • The World-famous KLCC Twin Towers needed a true direct weather sound system solution that would be able to handle daily exposure to the elements while providing high performance during the multimedia show. 

  • Equipment:
    • One Systems - USA
      Ashly Audio - USA

  • Year: 2012

A true direct-weather sound system for KLCC's new multimedia fountain

Four towers equipped with two nos of 112IM and one nos of 118SUB-W provide the fountain with proper coverage of music or spoken word during events. Few other systems with this pedigree of weather resistance exist so it was a natural job for One Systems USA.

Control and processing is provided through an Ashly ne24.24M network equipped 4 input and 20 output processor connected to a high power wireless access point for access through a PC for control and preset recall.

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