Naval Base Secondary School

K-array KP102, KP52

Key facts

  • Project type:
    • Installed
    • School/College
  • Location:
    • Yishun, Singapore
  • Client:
    • Naval Base Secondary School
  • Brief:
    • Installation of K-array Python linear line column arrays to provide coverage for the hall
  • Equipment:
    • K-array 
      KP102 x 2 Nos
      KP52 x 2 Nos
      KMT18P x 1 No
      KA84 x 1 No

  • Year: 2016

K-array chosen for Naval Base Secondary School

Auditions were called following a competitive tender for a new sound system that could provide clarity and performance grade quality to replace the existing system that the school was installed with.

After hearing demos from a few other manufacturers, the K-array system was chosen for it's ability to satisfy all the needs of the school and more. Linear column arrays have the ability to cover a long distance and yet keep the SPL linear with less difference in SPL(Volume, simply put) from the first seat to the last.
The hang simply consists of a stereo image of a KP102 element providing long throw coverage that is angled to avoid the rear reflective surfaces and and a KP52 for downfill. A KMT18P provides the low frequency extension. The entire system is powered by a single KA84 DSP amplifier.

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