Beatty Secondary School

Beatty Secondary School Hall Installed with StepArray Sound System

Key facts

  • Project type:
    • Installed
    • School/College
  • Location:
    • Toa Payoh, Singapore
  • Client:
    • Beatty Secondary School
  • Brief:
    • To install a sound system suitable to mitigate the highly reverberant hall.
  • Equipment:
    • Active Audio - France
      StepArray 180P
      MP6150 Amplifier
      NUT DSP Processor

  • Year: 2016

Beaty Secondary School Hall Installed with StepArray speakers

Faced with acoustic problems in the school hall for years, the school attempted to mitigate the high reverberation through a number of means over the years and even replacing the old sound system with a Linear Column Array from a respected manufacturer from Germany.
Unfortunately the design of the hall made the acoustics hard to handle for the old column system. The school looked for solutions to their problem.
LTAPL proposed a Beam Steering solution through Active Audio's StepArray. The French manufacturer's StepArray speakers allowed LTAPL to accurately steer the acoustic energy within only the coverage areas of the hall and avoid spill onto hard surface behind the hall.
Eventually after two demonstrations on site, the school was convinced of the system's ability to perform and awarded the contract to LTAPL. As the School's Speech Day was literally the next week, LTAPL made special arrangements to install the system within a day. No small feat indeed.

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