River Safari Mekong River Diver Interaction Attraction

Loud Technologies Asia Installs Diver Communications System at River Safari Singapore

Key facts

  • Project type:
    • Installed
    • Themed Entertainment
  • Location:
    • Mekong Exhibit, River Safari Singapore
  • Client:
    • Wildlife Reserves Singapore
  • Brief:
    • Supply and Install an underwater dive communications system that allows for two-way interaction with the audience

  • Equipment:
    • Ocean Reef GSM Underwater Communication Full Face Mask Systems

      Ocean Reef GSM Underwater Communication Surface Communications Kit

      LTAPL Customised Diver Communications to Balanced Audio Interface

      OnPoint Audio Ultra-Compact Dual 8" Loudspeaker System

  • Year: 2021

First ever two-way audience interaction with divers in the tank

River Wonders, formerly known as River Safari, is a river-themed zoo and aquarium located in Singapore. It is built over 12 hectares and nestled between its two counterparts, the Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari, Singapore.

One of the largest exhibits at River Safari Singapore, the Mekong River zone introduces you to freshwater giants like the Mekong giant catfish. Since it is home to some of the largest freshwater animal species, you will come across creatures like painted stork, high fin catfish, and giant stingray in a huge viewing tank.

The Wildlife Reserves (WRS) constantly seeks to provide unique and quality experiences for visitors. The park had planned to implement an underwater communication system between the audience and tank divers to allow for interaction and Q&A while the divers went about their routine. Audience members would be able to hear the divers speak to them over a speaker system and answer their questions.

Following a competitive public tender, Loud Technologies Asia's (LTAPL) proposal for a high-quality compact sound system integrated with a diver communications system was accepted.

Complications brought on by the COVID pandemic provided multiple challenges in the deployment of the project, but the accommodating team at WRS made the process much smoother. The project had to be deployed overnight, with various restrictions such as no drilling into the tank walls so as not to compromise the tank integrity and also not to spook the fish with the heavy vibrations from drills.

Experienced in such project requirements, the team at LTAPL planned for chemical anchors and fastening methods to manage the cable runs and mounting of equipment.

After several dry-runs in the office, the well-rehearsed team completed the integration overnight and handed over the project with testing done during the next week's diving schedule.

LTAPL's portfolio spans attraction installation spanning Phnom Penh, Cambodia to SmartCity in Malta with experienced team members travelling to deploy and commission projects regularly.

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