St. Paul's Church Chooses K-array Column Arrays

Singapore Sound System Specialist upgrades St. Paul's Church AV System

Key facts

  • Project type:
    • Installed
    • House of Worship
  • Location:
    • Upper Serangoon, Singapore
  • Client:
    • St. Paul's Church
  • Brief:
    • Replacement of old point-source speaker system with high intelligibility line column array speakers, and provision for video streaming mixer

  • Equipment:
    • K-array KR202 I System comprising KR102 (2) and KMT18 I (1) per side

      Furman CN3600 Power Sequencer & Conditioner

      RF Venue DISTRO4 RF and DC Distribution System

      RF Venue DFIN Cross Polarised LPDA Antenna

      Sennheiser EW-D 835

      AV Matrix VS0601U

  • Year: 2021

K-array Line Column Array replaces ailing point source speaker system

Built in 1936, St. Paul’s Church’s origins could be traced back to the 1930s when a group of Anglican Christians began meeting for worship in the house of one of the congregants located along Upper Serangoon Road. Most of the early congregants were from the families of British military personnel deployed to the north-eastern part of Singapore.

Over the years, the size of the congregation grew and the Anglican Diocese wanted to extend its reach to the population living in the rural areas of Singapore. Consequently, in 1935, the Angelican Diocese purchased the current site to construct a new church building.

The church building has also undergone rounds of renovations and extensions over the years to better serve its congregants. Its present parish hall was added in 1982 and further extensions were completed in 1994. Besides functioning as a place of worship, St. Paul’s Church also serves the community in Hougang through its social welfare work for the vulnerable and needy.

Following a successful major revamp of the AV facilities at the Church of the True Light (COTL), a Church of the Anglican Diocese, Loud Technologies Asia (LTAPL) was invited to survey St. Paul's Church where the replacement of the ailing point-source system was being planned for.

After hearing how well the K-array KK102 line column array system performed at COTL, an extended on-site demonstration of the system was provided on-site for the committee to assess how well the technology would serve the church's needs of providing congregants with impactful and highly intelligible sound without large differences in volume for those seated close to the speakers and those at the back.of the hall.

Following the demo and discussions over various EASE simulations of positioning options, the project was awarded to LTAPL and completed over a few weekdays and in time for weekend service.

Wireless microphone systems were further enhanced with the purchase of Sennheiser's latest digital wireless microphone systems, the EW-D 835 and RF Venue Antenna Distribution System,

The Church's existing wireless microphone inventory comprised of analog Shure and Sennheiser wireless microphones and a brand-agnostic RF DIstribution system that could handle RF distribution for multiple brands of wireless mics, both digital and analog in the distro was needed. RF Venue's Distro 4 (DISTRO4) and cross-polarised DFIN serves the purpose excellently, providing coverage on both the vertical and horizontal plane.

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