Tai Pei Buddhist Centre gets Digitally Steerable Sound System

Tai Pei Buddhist Centre Hall installed with Digitally Steerable Speakers

Key facts

  • Project type:
    • Installed
    • House of Worship
  • Location:
    • Lavender Road, Singapore
  • Client:
    • Tai Pei Buddhist Organisation
  • Brief:
    • To install a sound system capable of digital steering towards the areas intended, easy to use by volunteers

  • Equipment:
      • Active Audio SA230P+ Dante x 2
      • Active Audio NUT Lite
      • A&H QU24 w/ AB168 x 1
      • K-array KRM33 ultra-flat micro monitor speakers
      • LD Systems U506HHD2 wireless x 10
      • Antenna distribution by RF Venue DISTRO4 and DFIN
  • Year: 2017

Clarity of sound from new sound system aids worship

Tai Pei Buddhist Centre is the home of Tai Pei Buddhist Organisation. It is a well-known building at the junction of Lavender Road in Singapore. 

The organisation encourages beginners in Buddhism to learn from the loving-kindness and compassion of Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva and make the cultivation of compassion the basis of our practice. It is also our hope that in their course of learning, they develop the four immeasurable practice of loving-kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity to benefit all sentient beings.

Tech-Men Technology was contacted to solve issues with the venue's ageing sound system which had been earmarked for renewal. In addition to being an eyesore, the distributed speaker system down the lateral sides had no delay processing applied so speech clarity was unintelligible.

A modern solution was sought to bring the hall up to current technology. They liked the proposal of digitally steerable speaker technology since it meant only needing two slim columns at the front that could cover all the way to the back of the hall without delay speakers. The sound beam was then steered for precise coverage for clarity of the program material or speech reproduction without the need for high sound volumes to be heard well. Digital mixing now enables iPad control allowing the operators and volunteers to move out the control room and sit amongst the congregation.

The hall hosts regular worship and hosts many events throughout the year. High ceilings are common in such spaces. While beautiful and spacious, the acoustics tend to be challenging especially when conventional speakers are deployed. The echo from sound bouncing all over the hall was unpleasant and made the sound muddy and unclear. Most laymen simply think that it is the sound system not performing well, but it is actually a combination of factors that need to be addressed. Pushing the volume of the sound system only aggravates the problem.

Thus, when a solution was requested for the hall by Tech Men Technology, a digitally steerable speaker system was quickly ascertained to be the best solution after a site visit by Loud Technologies Asia engineers.

Digitally steerable speaker technology has been around for years now and is a very established solution for acoustically difficult spaces. It solves the problems of sound spillage outside of the intended area of coverage, thus its popularity in large reverberant spaces. A good example of such deployment is at Singapore's Changi Airport Terminal 3 departure hall where announcements can be heard clearly even though reproduced at a low volume.

The solution was presented and accepted after an on-site demo of the system. As part of the project, Tech Men also installed a digital mixing console and wireless microphone system with RF distribution and external antennas to extend microphone reception outside of the hall.

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