Jurong West Secondary School

K-array installed at Jurong West Secondary School

Key facts

  • Project type:
    • Outdoors
    • Installed
    • School/College
  • Location:
    • Jurong West, Singapore
  • Client:
    • Jurong West Primary School
  • Brief:
    • To upgrade the sound system in the hall and parade square
  • Equipment:
    • K-Array
      KP102 (F.O.H)
      KP52 (Balcony and monitors)

  • Year: 2016

K-array brings power and clarity to JWSS

The school in Jurong West, had not ever had satisfactory sound reproduction from their 5 year old sound system that was upgraded from the initial build.

As the school's speech day was fast approaching, the school felt that it was the best opportunity to learn from the previous sound system upgrading exercise and be more discerning and careful with the choice of vendor this time round.

After a lengthy shortlisting process, a 6 hour long on-site demo ensued with the shortlisted vendors. The school was looking for a system that provided excellent speech clarity, even coverage over the entire length of the hall and good output to handle performances.

LTAPL was chosen to provide a high output yet discreet system that ticked all the boxes for requirements.
Also on the plans for upgrading was the Parade Square sound system. The school was ill advised by a vendor to install a paging horn system for the parade square despite the school's requirement for reasonably good sound quality to cover the entire 35 distance of the Parade Square.
Thankfully this was quickly thrown out after hearing all the vendors opinions during the site briefing.

LTAPL demonstrated the Audac HS208MK2 IP56 rated horn loaded two-way speakers and the school decided on the award for those too. Although horn loaded, the HS208MK2 are not paging horns but high power two-way full range speakers that allow for long throw coverage with full range sound reproduction unlike paging horns. The system is driven by a PRE16 rack mixer and a SMA500 DSP Class "D" amplifier.

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