Direct weather sound system sings at Smart City Malta

Outdoor sound system installation for Smart City Malta with One Systems

Key facts

  • Project type:
    • Outdoors
    • Installed
  • Location:
    • City of Malta, Europe
  • Client:
    • City of Malta
  • Brief:
    • To design and install a performance-grade and impactful sound system suitable for performances, suitable to withstand the harsh direct-weather seafront environment

  • Equipment:
    • One Systems

      212IM, 112IM, 212CIM, 118SUB-W, 108IM, 106IM


      XP5000, XP3000

      Ashly audio

      ne2424m fully loaded

  • Year: 2014

Turn-key direct-weather sound reinforcement system at the sea front for the iconic Smart City in Malta

Loud Technologies Asia is well experienced with direct weather sound system design and installation through previous installations such as Wavehouse Sentosa, Tanjong Beach Club, Overeasy @ Fullerton, KLCC Fountain and Monas monument in Jakarta.

In 2014, We were again called upon to undertake a project much further abroad, this time in the beautiful Mediterranean island of Malta. Knowing that the time and distance to get to Malta was long and far, planning was very meticulously carried out to ensure that our installation team had more than sufficient cables, hardware and spare parts just in any case that we would need it. Tools were packed with spares and even a medical kit was prepared. The design included waterside walkway coverage surrounding the pool, the stepped seating surrounding the entire park and a large main performance area catering to theatre and opera performances to be held in the beautiful Mediterranean weather outdoors.

The installation was carried out by our team and with the assistance of our client's local labour over two phases and visits. And involved getting equipment out of our shipping containers, muscling two fully loaded 800kg amplifier racks into an underground equipment bunker and cables laid from the speaker locations to the amplifier racks. After the speakers were installed onto the pole brackets over 5 days, the patching work began and completed in 3 days. Tuning and calibration were carried out in the following two days. By that time the team was quite beat from the intensity of the work and from hiding in the cold underground bunker so the last two days spent exploring Malta was very welcome. We look forward to more projects like this!

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