Savourworld Singapore

H-array sound system chosen for Savourworld Singapore

Key facts

  • Project type:
    • Outdoors
    • Installed
    • Restaurant/Bar
  • Location:
    • Science Park 2
  • Client:
    • Savourworld Singapore
  • Brief:
    • Supply and install a high quality long throw outdoor sound system
  • Equipment:
    • K-array KK102, K-array KU210, K-array KA24,Cloud 2-channel zone mixer
  • Year: 2017

Science Park 2

Following a successful demonstration, a K-array sound system has been chosen by the owners of Savourworld. The requirement was quite simply for a very simple system capable of covering a large outdoor area with even sound levels. After reviewing serveral quotes proposing distributed speakers of varous sizes around the space, the owners were given the opportunity to hear how just two very skinny KK102 speakers from reknowned Italian brand K-array would be sufficient to cover the entire space and still avoid the hard glass surfaces that cause sound reflection from the shop units.
The final installation comprises just one KA24 4-channel DSP amplifier providing processed amplification to two KK102 slim-array technology speakers and two KU210 dual 10" subwoofers. Both speakers are IP56 rated for outdoor use out-of-the-box.
Savourworld K-array close up

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